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Tomáš Fibiger

Founder of the World Floorball Goalie Academy


The goalkeeeper coach with the nickname Tofi, who started his coaching career in Tatran Střešovice, where he built a successfully functioning goalie academy for 7 years. During his coaching career, he worked his way up to coaching goalkeepers in the selections of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, from which he then headed directly to the position of goalkeeper coach at the Czech U19 National Team, with which he won the 2019 Junior World Championships in Halifax, Canada. After this success, Tofi got to the position of guarantor of the development of goalkeepers for Český Floorball.

Player career

  • U17 Vice Champion of the Czech Republic (2012/2013)

  • U19 Vice Champion of the Czech Republic (2013/2014)

  • U19 Champion of the Czech Republic (2014/2015)

  • Winner of the Czech Open category PRO (2014)

  • Bronze from the Junior World Championships in Helsingborg (2015)

  • Winner of the Czech Open category Open (2015)

  • Bronze from the Men's Super League (2016/2017)

  • Bronze from Czech Open Elite category (2019)


Coach career

  • Guarantor of the development of the goalie section for Czech Floorball within the project of talented youth "Česká Cesta" (2020 - present)

  • Founder of the goalie academy in Tatran Střešovice (2014)

  • Chief coach of goalkeepers in Tatran Střešovice (2015 - 2019)

  • Coach of the goalkeepers of the regional selection of Vysočina juniors (2016 - 2018)

  • Goalkeeper coach of the junior national team of the Czech Republic (2017 - present)

  • Goalkeeper coach of the Women's national team of the Czech Republic (2022 - present)

  • Supervisor for Czech Floorball in the goalkeeper section (2017 - present)

  • Goalkeeper selection team Hl.m. Prague (2017 - 2020)

  • Goalkeeper trainer on the Shanghai mission in China (2017)

  • Goalkeeper coach of the Central Bohemian Region selections (2018 - 2020)

  • Scout for the Czech national men's team at the World Championships in Prague (2018)

  • Coach of goalkeepers of the national team of the Czech Republic U17 (2019)

  • Halifax Junior World Championship title (2019)

  • Brno Junior World Championship title (2021)

  • Individual care for more than 150 goalkeepers

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