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A clinic dedicated to connecting the eyes, brain and body. It's no secret that 80% of information is received by the brain through the eyes, which means that 80% of errors in elite athletes are caused by an under-trained neuro-visual system.


Dynaoptic offers the opportunity for teams and individuals to take their careers to the next level. The NeuroVision Training System will hone the brain and vision and set them up for peak performance. It has been used by top athletes and entire teams such as Šimon Hrubec, Pavel Francouz, Petr Kváča, Ondřej Kacetl and teams such as Slavia and Sparta Prague, Czech Basketball, Czech Hockey,...


Advance your performance in neuro-visual training too!

Thanks to the cooperation between WFGA and DynaOptic clinic, you have the opportunity to undergo an initial vision analysis and then choose one of the long-term neuro-visual training programs with a super discount! Just say the code WFGA when you visit the DynaOptic clinic and undergo the initial analysis right on the spot, and then it will be up to you whether you continue with the six-month training program and take your training to a whole new level!

Code: WFGA

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