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Do you want to experience the summer training a little differently or just take a break from the constant kneeling in the gate during the season, but still train all the important aspects of the goalkeeper's performance? So in that case, an outdoor 60-minute workout is the right choice for you!


Except for the classic moves in the goal and honing the basic goalkeeper position in various match situations, the same in awaiting you in outdoor training is exactly the same as in a classic indoor individual. We will focus on training the reaction and speed of perception, training in cognitive perception and working with the eyes and subconscious of your brain, and we will then wrap all this in a bit of fitness training , which is extremely important for you as a goalkeeper.


You can arrive for outdoor training alone or with your friends and enjoy a good portion of fun , but at the same time train all important areas of goalkeeper performance!

Price: 29 € / hour

2 goalkeepers - 14,5 € / person

3 goalkeepers - 10 € / person

Write the number of people in the booking note.

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