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In 1991, Penco founded by a team of colleagues and free-time active sportsmen. Prior to the Velvet Revolution, they worked within the ICT Institute on the task - Biologically Active Substances for Nutrition. They re-invented their knowledge in the recipe and consequently in the production of sports nutrition.
Almost a family company, Penco has accumulated a group of professional athletes as well as sports doctors and trainers who actively participate in the testing and finalization of products.

Although one of the founders of Doc. Mojmír Ranný is no longer among us, we still draw on his link ... and first and foremost friendly and professional approach to customers, emphasis on selecting only high-quality and safe input materials and the passion for development and testing of new athletes helpers.

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Do you want professional sports nutrition?

Thanks to the cooperation between WFGA and Penco, you have the opportunity to purchase professional food supplements for athletes of all levels at a significant discount! All you have to do is use my discount code WFGA30 when shopping on the website (link under this paragraph) by entering it in the "Discount code" field in the shopping basket and thus you will automatically be credited with a 30% discount on the final payment!


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