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Instagram: @worldfloorballgoalieacademy

The Instagram account of the World Floorball Goalie Academy is mainly used to gather all kinds of training exercises for goalies and create a large public library, where everyone can inspire in the creation of their own exercises or use existing ones and improve themselves.

Find inspiration for yourself and if you create some of your special exercises, so do not be afraid to share it with the world. If you want, I will share your exercises on this channel as well.


Youtube: World Floorball Goalie Academy

The World Floorball Goalie Academy YouTube account was mainly based on sharing longer videos that focused on goalie video analysis. At the same time you will find longer videos behind the scenes of the goalkeeper academy such as High-tech facilities, Blazepod tool, ...

As a second purpose, YouTube serves as a platform for regular live streaming (only in the Czech language at this moment) of video analysis of top goalies in the world and solving goalie issues with viewers at that moment.


Facebook: @worldfloorballgoalieacademy

The World Floorball Goalie Academy Facebook account is mainly used to instantly share information about upcoming events where I or my project will appear. At the same time, you can find here information from other social networks or websites or you can find here professional articles about floorball goalies.

This social network is currently only in the Czech language, but in the future will also be transformed into the English version as is the case with Instagram.


Flickr: World Floorball Goalie Academy

I try to document all the events I appear on and give my client the maximum possible package and comfort of all WFGA services. Flickr is the bonus service of all this and I believe it can be a pleasure for many goalies to have their own photos from matches.


If you order my participation in your match, you can expect a few nice pictures of your goaltending.

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