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“The real happiness is to help others fulfill their dreams!”



My name is Tomáš Fibiger (everyone calls me Tofi), I was born in October 1996 and I live in Prague. My dream has always been to do what I like and what fills me with a good feeling through having an option to help other goalkeepers achieve their targets and wishes.

My beginnings

My goalkeeping career started in floorball club TJ JM Chodov in 2008. I spent my first 3 years in that club and then I have made a transfer to the most successful club in Czech history Tatran Střešovice where I have spent the rest of my youth career (another 4 seasons). During these 7 years, I have been part of the final nominations of Prague talent selections in all age categories. During years 2013 - 2015 I have also become a member of a wider selection of U19 national team - that story has escalated into me chosen to be one of the 2 keepers for the U19 World Championships in Helsingborg in 2015.

The real floorball

Becoming a goalkeeper of Tatran Střešovice elite team has always been my aim, so after the youth part of my career that has become an ultimate target. The road to achieving that lead through loan periods in other clubs where I collected valuable experience. I spent the 2015/16 season on “exchange loan” in TBC Králův Dvůr in the third Czech division. For the following year, I made a loan move to another Prague club Black Angels who at that time played second Czech division. The team has made it to the playoffs to fight for promotion to Superliga but unfortunately has not succeeded. Season 2017/18 was my first one in the highest Czech league (Tipsport Superliga). I spent the whole season in the newly promoted team Florbal Ústí. It was a difficult season and the club has not succeeded in holding the Superliga and was relegated to the second division. Despite the team failure, I have gathered plenty of valuable experience that I could instantly use during the following season. In 2018/19 I finally got a chance to be No.2 and cover the back to Tatran No.1 Michal Rebro. It was a good season that unfortunately ended in playoff quarterfinals. My active career has then been interrupted due to a long-term health condition.

Tofi as a coach

I became a goalkeeper coach in a junior age in 2014/15 season when I launched what would later become a great goalkeeper Academy in Tatran Střešovice counting more than 30 active keepers. At first, trainings were held on 1 per 2 weeks basis but with a systematic work, we have managed to get the number of trainings to hardly believable 4 trainings a week only for keepers! The weekly topics were specific physique, technique for beginners, advanced and elite keepers. Building the academy and developing the project has given me an option to become a U19 national team goalkeeper coach - I have been in that position since 2017. I am also regularly a part of the coaching staff of youth selections of Prague and Central Bohemia region. Thanks to cooperation with Jiří Jakoubek and Kristýna Pálešová I also had a chance to become a part of developing floorball in Shanghai through goalkeeping lectures for the Chinese CFD organization.


My dream has always been helping other keepers achieving their dreams so this academy is definitely the right step towards achieving the dream of mine and hopefully many other keepers as well. Knowing there are many keepers who would like to develop but the can’t because they simply don’t have the option I have made a decision to quit the club level academy and starting the project that makes the development an option to every keeper. World Floorball Goalie Academy should not be only a national level project. I hope together we will build a successful platform and international goalkeeper academy.

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