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The WFGA can provide you with a detailed analysis of your captured match, based on which you will know what to do and how to work and what to focus on in club training.


In the match analysis on offer, we will really focus on every aspect of performance that could take you one step further. We will discuss together the correct technique of movement and whether the correct move was chosen in the given situation. We will then look at the same on your position in various match situations and whether you use your position effectively against dangerous areas at all. Last but not least, we will look at the overall level of your reading of the game, which is an incredibly important factor in the final performance and much more!


The form of analysis is that you send your recorded match to the academy email and we will analyze it and send it back to you. If you have the opportunity and want, we can then call you and explain any unclear situations from the analysis. Along with the video, you need to send the times of the situations you would be interested in, such as goals scored or dangerous situations. I will focus mostly on those selected situations, but I will also break down situations of my own choosing.


Recommendations if you will be filming the match:


Ideally, the view from behind the goal should be as wide as possible, so that we can then say something about the overall match situation, because we can also see all the players and the play around the goal. The height from which the shot should ideally be taken is something slightly around 160-170cm, so that we can see the area in front of the goal (if it is higher, it doesn't matter at all). We can handle everything, of course, but these are the ideal conditions for the best and most meaningful analysis.

Price: 25 € / match analysis

Order a match analysis!

Thank you for your request!

Don't you have your own camera?

We also have the option for you to borrow equipment to film your match (phone, wide angle lens, tripod, power bank, charging cable and phone holder). I can lend you this filming equipment at any time by prior arrangement at the shop and after paying a 3.000,-CZK (122 ) refundable deposit. The deposit will not be refunded if the equipment is destroyed by your fault or if the equipment is lost. If the recording equipment is destroyed due to the effects of the match (shot into the camera, fight at the rim, etc.), the deposit will be refunded. In case only individual parts are destroyed/lost, the deposit will be reduced by this amount. A list of the individual parts will be provided to you at the time of rental.

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