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During group training, you can experience the functioning of the academy accompanied by your friends, but you will not be deprived of anything as a result compared to individuals. Each of the groups will have a 60-minute training session and a smaller analysis of the goalkeeper's performance, on the basis of which I will then create an individual development card for each individual, in which he will have all the necessary information to improve his own training.


In contrast to individual training, in group training the attention is fragmented among more goalkeepers and therefore there will be more discussion in training, we will discuss the shortcomings of one goalkeeper and the others, so that all goalkeepers in training get as much information and knowledge .


The content of group training is no different from classic individual training. We will focus on the technique of moving the goalkeeper in a small and a large goal area. We will focus on the basic position in all different match situations . It goes without saying that we will also focus on training reactions and the speed of observation, and our attention will also be focused on training in cognition, visual functioning and subconscious brain function, all with the help of state-of-the-art training tools.


We will also find time for different competitions between all goalkeepers in all different disciplines and exercises, in order to maintain the right spirit of competition and healthy competition, where all participants will want to constantly improve.

Price: 29 € / hour

2 goalkeepers - 14,5 € / person

3 goalkeepers - 10 € / person

Write the number of people in the booking note.

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