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TOP testimonials

Jiří Jakoubek, head coach of junior world champions from 2019

"Tomas built a great goalie academy in Tatran, which had no competition in the Czech Republic. Thanks to his work with goalkeepers, we had much more confidence in goal across all categories. Individual work with video or even online training will move you as a goalkeeper where you want to!"


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Goalkeeper - FBC Mohelnice

Tereza Zemková

"Tofi is a great coach and I am very happy about working with him. Thanks to his well-described analyzes, everyone can realize the mistakes he makes. The trainings with Tofi are fun, but you have to also work hard during his practices."


Goalkeeper - Tatran Střešovice

Martin Stáhl

"I really liked Tofi 's work. It was good that he went to our matches, which he then analyzed. I would give 10/10."


Goalkeeper - Tatran Střešovice

Adam Draslar

"I really enjoyed trainings with Tofi and I have improved myself a lot."


Goalkeeper - FBC Ostrava

Vít Lukač

"Even though it is a long time ago, I have such positive memories. Thanks to Tofi, I started to notice little mistakes I had not noticed before this experience in my own analysis or in the goalkeepers I train. Furthermore, I like how he approaches the individual styles of goalkeepers. He does not try to change them completely from the ground up but he just tries to modify them slightly, or improve their ability." 


Goalkeeper - Tatran Střešovice

Tomáš Máčalík

"Thanks to Tofi, I found mistakes that I could fix. I learned a lot of things from moving to my "legendary" throws. I liked the time he care about us, prepared the trainings, and went to matches and made a video analysis for us. "


Goalkeeper - Tatran Střešovice

Vojtěch Vítek

"Due to my training with Tomáš Fibiger I changed the club, I liked mainly the individual approach in the goalie academy. It is great to train with Tofi that I can catch my own style. He supports my creativity and helps me to improve myself."


Goalkeeper - Hässelby SK Innebandy

Oliver Stiegler

"I met Tofi at Peaches Kemp. Since then he has been helping me to develop and improve my goalkeeping skills. He has given me exercises and analysed videos of match sequences. He has also helped me mentally. 

All this has made me a better goalkeeper and has allowed me to lead my team from my goal position."


Coach - Tatran Střešovice

Luboš Rauer

"We had the opportunity to work with Tom in the regional selections of Vysočina when we completely entrusted him with the preparation of our goalkeeper. The goalkeepers were enthusiastic about these trainings and brought a new experience to take them to the next level."


Goalkeeper - Tatran Střešovice

Jiří Hák

"Thanks to Tofi's regular goalkeeper trainings and because he was at almost all of our team trainings, I kept improving and better understood what (eg What Move) and when to do."


Goalkeeper - Black Angels

Aneta Fryčová

"I like training with Tofi, they are fun and I will learn a lot of things because Tofi can explain them very well."


Goalkeeper - Tatran Střešovice

Matěj Staňka

"I think Tofi is an absolutely amazing coach because I was able to get into the A-team of the U15 category in about half a year."

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