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If you are serious about your development and want to have a competitive advantage over your goalkeeper colleagues, VIP training is for you.


This service is designed for goalkeepers who want to be sure of training and don't want to worry about constantly checking the booking system to see if a class is available or if they have to wait.


You will be able to book a training session beyond the booking window, which is now set to 10 days (people can book a training session 10 days in advance via the booking portal) and up to 2 months in advance, based on a phone call or text message. So you'll always be sure that for the next two months from the time your booking is closed, you'll have training on the day and time that suits you best.


In training, among other things, with the help of the most modern training tools on the market, we will focus on the correct technique of moving and the overall movement of the goalkeeper in a small and large goal area. We will also spend time honing the technique of the basic position and the position of the goalkeeper in various match situations . We will also focus a large part on reaction and perception training, and last but not least, special trainings and exercises on cognitive brain functions, work with vision and general subconscious brain functions and much more await you!

Price: 35 € / hour

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